Alcohol-Free Tonic Set: Alcohol-Free 0.35l, 4x Thomas Henry


Incl. 4 x 0,2l Tonic Water

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Country of origin: Berlin
Filling quantity / content of Brandstifter: 350 ml

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    Prepare delectable drinks with our alcohol-free Gin and Tonic set featuring one bottle of 0.35 l Brandstifter Alkoholfrei and four 0.2 l bottles of Thomas Henry Tonic Water.

    Thomas Henry Tonic Water stands out with its aroma composition of tart-bitter notes of cinchona bark and fruity-sweet citrus aromas. The balanced flavor profile optimally supports the fresh and floral flavors of Brandstifter Alkoholfrei. The result is a delectable fresh and light alcohol-free gin and tonic, which tastes remarkably similar to its alcoholic counterpart.

    The alcohol-free Gin and Tonic set at a glance:
    1 x Brandstifter Alcohol-Free 0.35l
    4 x Thomas Henry Tonic Water 0.2l