Kola Korn Set: Premium Kornbrand 0.7l, 4x Fritz Kola


Incl. 4 x 0,33l Fritz Kola and tote bag

(42,40€ / 1 Liter)
Incl. 19% VAT. excl. shipping and handling
Incl. deposit (0.08€/btl.)
Alcohol: 38%
Country of origin: Berlin
Filling quantity / content: 700 ml

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Prepare delectable drinks right away with our Kola Korn Set, consisting of a bottle of 0.7l Premium Kornbrand and four 0.33l bottles of Fritz Kola.

Fritz Kola made from natural kola nut extract, sugar beets and with caffeine is an eye-opening kola, perfect for the classic Kola Korn drink. In combination with our Premium Kornbrand, a tasteful pick-me-up for the night from Thursday to Sunday.

Kola Korn set at a glance
1 x Berlin Dry Gin 0.7l
4 x Fritz-Limo Lemon 0.33l
1 x Tote bag

Mixer recommendation:
6 cl Premium Kornbrand
12 cl Fritz Kola
1 cl lime juice
1 cl lemon juice

Fill glass with ice cubes. Add Premium Kornbrand, lime and lemon juice. Fill the glass to the brim with coke and garnish with a lime wedge. Cheers!